Foolish Things Bar and Biscuit, tucked away in Tulsa’s Brookside area, feels curiously warm and welcoming, and the biscuit sandwiches would make owner Justin Carpenter’s mother proud.

“My mother’s from a big Mexican family,” he says, “and she taught me that if you want to show people you care for them, you feed them well. [When I was] young, I wanted to change the world, but now I just want to create a space where people feel safe and can form a community.”

Carpenter and crew experimented for months to create the perfect biscuit; it’s topped with skirt steak rubbed in coffee and brown sugar and cooked to order, with creme fraiche and a poached farm egg, or with gravy, made with sausage and milk from local farms.

There are lots of other items: more than 40 cocktails, many inspired by hundred-year-old recipes; impeccably sourced fair trade coffees that vary with the season; and exquisite arrangements of flowers from local greenhouses. Carpenter has a passion for learning and an obsession to do everything perfectly.

There’s already a community at Foolish Things. Ask Carpenter about any dish and he insists on giving credit to all the friends who helped design it. 3524F S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa; 918-289-4156;

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