Saturday, March 11 through Sunday March 12 at Williams Ranch

From – OCCRA is a motorcycle and ATV racing series that began in 1983 when a small group of off-road riders grew weary of the long drives out-of-state to attend hare scrambles, enduros and other off-road events. They felt that Oklahoma deserved to have an organization all its own, similar to what other states had at the time. Teaming their efforts, they organized the first series of OCCRA races late in 1983 as a test run.

Fueled by the positive response they received, coupled with their own determination, a racing schedule was set for the following year.  On March 9th, 1984, OCCRA was officially registered with the State of Oklahoma as a Not-for-Profit Corporation. The four founding members consisted of Denny Beitler, Robert Clark, Michael Huebsch, and Pat McFarlin.

Today, OCCRA operates on a new corporate charter that secures its federal classification as a 501 c(7) non-profit organization. Club events often boast attendance of more than three hundred riders of all ages. With events held for all types of cyclecraft, ages, and skill levels, OCCRA provides a comprehensive program of off-road enjoyment.

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