What started as a small music class in the Tulsa Community Arts School has become one of Tulsa’s premier choral organizations. Tulsa Children’s Chorus has delighted audiences throughout Tulsa since 1991. 

TCC came from humble beginnings but quickly gained support from not only parents, but the community as well. The chorus incorporated in 1996 and has now grown to feature two ensembles: Tulsa Youth Chorale and the Tulsa Children’s Concert Chorus. Kevin Pearson serves as the organization’s artistic director.

“I want to expose the children of Tulsa to the beauty of choral music,” says Pearson. “Whether we are singing Schubert or an Appalachian folk song, beauty can be found in the blending of voices to create one lovely, harmonious sound.”

Pearson says that children are not exposed to choral music as they were in the past. Gone are the days in which families sit around the piano, harmonizing and enjoying each other’s company. This is one of the reasons Pearson feels the chorus is so important. 

“Our youth are often unaware of the unity that can be felt through the music of our greatest composers,” says Pearson. “TCC gives children (and audiences) a chance to be exposed to the expressiveness that choral music provides.”

TCC hosts three open auditions per year and is open to children age 8 to 18. Auditions are held in May, August and December; but private auditions can also be arranged. The chorus is a tuition-based organization, but partial scholarships are available. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. 

“Our goal is to reach 80 singers in the next three to four years,” claims Pearson. “We are in the midst of a renaissance right now – and it is my personal mission to see the organization continue to thrive.”

Crystal Grantham is definitely helping the organization thrive. All four of her children participate in the Tulsa Children’s Chorus.

“My children (ages 16, 13, 12 and 10) have been active in the chorus for the past two years,” Grantham says. “We started just with our oldest daughter and loved it so much we had our other children join.

“The directors have a knack for taking children and producing a very professional and impressive product,” Grantham continues. “Our children are blessed to have an environment that challenges them and gives them the opportunity to succeed. I believe our society accepts mediocrity far too often when excellence is achievable. TCC and TYC provide children with the training and venues to accomplish this goal.” 

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