Gumbo at Chicory & Chives

Few things are as comforting on blustery, wintry days as gumbo. The quintessential Cajun stew features a rich blend of vegetables, spices and often meat or seafood, and none do it better in Tulsa than Chicory & Chives, the restaurant with all things Cajun-inspired. The thick stew served over rice is laced with okra and pieces of chicken and sausage. Owner Jim Loggins is cooking up the gumbo in small batches at lunch and dinner seven days a week because, as he puts it, “we sell an awful lot of it.” 5800 S. Lewis Ave., Suite 129, Tulsa.

Meatloaf Sandwich at Saturn Grill

The bulk of the menu at Saturn Grill locations focuses on healthy, fresh ingredients. So even when the eatery serves a staple like a meatloaf sandwich, the sandwich doesn’t pack the calorie wallop like its diner-style counterparts. Slices of cooked meatloaf are seared, then piled on a flatbread with tomatoes and barbecue mayo. Served with Saturn Grill’s famous dill pickles and mustard potato salad, it’s a lunch (or dinner) that will take you back to your mother’s kitchen. 6432 Avondale Dr. and 4401 W. Memorial Dr., Oklahoma City.

Cabbage Rolls at Dena’s Lebanese Cuisine

Tucked away in a small shopping strip facing 11th Street in Tulsa is Dena’s, a weekday lunch and dinnertime favorite for TU students and those who work nearby. Dena’s boasts standard Lebanese/Mediterranean fare – gyros, falafel, spinach pie, stuffed grape leaves – but it’s the cabbage rolls that stand out on the expansive menu. Ground meat and rice are cooked with spices, then wrapped in cabbage leaves and steamed. The cabbage rolls at Dena’s are flavorful and fork-tender, which comes in handy if you order them takeout. A healthy serving of hummus and pita and tabouli accompanies each cabbage roll dinner. 2615 E. 11th St., Tulsa. 918.599.9623

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