UV-blocking sunglasses have become the norm in the fashion world. Photo by Miller Photography; Sunglasses courtesy Hicks Brunson and Visions

August in Oklahoma means drearily hot days under a sizzling sun. While most people rightly focus on keeping their skin protected from the rays, that means the all-important eye health can be overlooked. Keeping your eyes protected from the rays could save you a lifetime of health issues, from cataracts and growths to cancer.

It should be noted that sun damage can happen to a person’s eyes all year round – not just in the summer. But since the UV rays are at their strongest during the hottest months, extra precautions should be taken. Luckily, UV-blocking sunglasses have become the norm in the fashion world as of late – from high-end brands like RayBan and Dior to affordable shades found in any local supermarket.

Even with the protection of stylish shades, remember never to stare directly at the sun – even during a dazzling eclipse (like the one happening on Aug. 21). You can still get sun damage on a cloudy day, too, so don’t be afraid to rock shades and broad brimmed hats this summer – your eyes will thank you later.

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