Walking into Radish is like entering the home of a kindly and slightly eccentric relative – it’s a fun place to be. 

And, as with such a relative, you can expect abundant and glorious servings of very tasty food: A big tray of mezze heaped with flavorful hummus, tabbouleh, dolmas and a lot more. Rotisserie chickens bursting with flavor. You can get a whole bird for $28, along with rich, creamy roast potatoes and three delightful sauces (olive aioli, roasted garlic and, for a kick, a Habanero carrot). They’re aptly named “awesome sauces.” There are several satisfying wraps from the eastern end of the Mediterranean, including a lamb gyro and one called “Okie Buffalo,” made from blue cheese, honey sauce, greens and that wonderful rotisserie chicken. 

You can’t miss Melissa Grace. She’s the owner, and she runs the entire place with just one assistant. 

She makes the place fun. In the beginning, Grace and her husband, a classically trained chef and graduate of Cordon Bleu in London, met at a Grateful Dead concert, toured the States, then founded a catering company. He later worked as executive chef at the Philbrook before coming up with the concept for Radish. 

“These two have squeezed in plenty of living,” the World wrote in 2018. A few months later, he suddenly passed away. But the menu at Radish was the sort of food Grace loves, and so she carried on, first at Mother Road Market and now at her own lovely storefront location, to build a place that’s truly a labor of love.

1730 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa; facebook.com/radishroute66

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