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Styx Photo by Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com
Styx Photo by Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com

Friday, March 20

Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, Lawrence Gowan, Todd Sucherman and Ricky Phillips continue to rock worldwide stages as Styx. Playing since the early ‘70s, this band has created countless musical masterpieces that reverberate into the hearts of fans across generations. It seems Styx has made a rather large comeback in its recent years. Performing more live since 1999 than ever before, says the band’s website, they continue to average more than 100 shows each year. If you don’t recognize the name, you will definitely recognize the band’s sound that transports you back to the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s: “Come Sail Away” (1977), “Renegade” (1978) and “Mr. Roboto” (1983), just to name a few. In the late ‘70s, early 80’s, Styx released powerful albums, still spinning today, that secured the band as the first group to score four triple-platinum albums in a row: The Grand Illusion (1977), Pieces of Eight (1978), Cornerstone (1979) and Paradise Theater (1981). The talents of these musicians speak for themselves. Not only has Styx mastered its sound, these guys know how to command an audience; their stage presence and energy continue to electrify the music they perform. On Friday, March 20, Styx’s legendary tracks will fill the Riverwind Casino, 1544 Oklahoma 9, Norman, Okla. The music is set to begin at 7:30 p.m. For more information, visit www.riverwind.com.

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