For an American spin on sushi, check out Sushi Fork, a fast casual immersion of Japanese sushi senses. Try classic, custom-crafted traditional combinations, and then mix it up with bold combos. Savory choices start with seaweed or soy to contain cooked fillers like tempura shrimp, eel, chicken, fried calamari, or, if you prefer protein raw, there’s salmon, yellowtail, tuna and more. A rainbow of color is next with cucumber, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeño, bell pepper, sprouts, strawberry, lettuce, carrots or ponzu mushroom options. To top it all, choose among scallions, cilantro, mango, sesame seeds, spicy crushed Cheetos and more. Sauces like lime crema or honey truffle aioli finish your savory creation. 8115 S. Olympia Avenue, Tulsa;

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