Fifteen is a volatile age. For teenagers, it means that you’re almost old enough to drive, but not quite. You’re in the throes of teen angst. High school’s a drag. You probably battle bad skin.
For a magazine, 15 is a pretty remarkable age. Fifteen years equals 180 monthly issues. It equals thousands of pages of exciting entertainment, compelling articles and dynamic photographs.
We have pored through the depths of the Oklahoma Magazine archives searching high and low (and page by page) to bring you the highlights of our 15-year history. It was difficult, since we believe that every issue of the magazine is a highlight.
Thus far in 2011, we have brought you profiles of some of the state’s do-gooders, a billionaire and a one-armed bandit. We have introduced you to the state’s karaoke culture, a sculpture artist and a Hank Williams tribute band. We have encouraged you to dine on barbecue, fried chicken and hot dogs. We have also educated you on how to maintain your health in the New Year. This has already been a productive year for us. And we have no plans of slowing down.

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