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A group in Oklahoma is dedicated to supporting visual artists through promotion, education, funding and connection. That organization is the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition – or OVAC. Established more than 20 years ago, OVAC seeks to raise public interest and awareness of visual arts for all ages. It’s also a great venue for up-and-coming artists to show their work through...

Failing, Fixing, Striving

Most of Joe Slack’s artwork is no small feat, and that’s putting it lightly. After all, one of his pieces spans two city blocks.  The native Oklahoman creates sculptures out of weathering Corten steel and painted metals. You’ve probably seen his vibrant and quirky modern artwork around town; his sculptures can be seen all over – from Norman to midtown...

Brewing a New Medium

For Tulsa native Karen Eland, coffee is more than a pick-me-up in the morning; it’s part of her unique art. Eland, who resides in Oregon, paints with coffee. Her journey with this unusual medium began several years ago, when she patronized Nordaggio’s Coffee in south Tulsa. “I was painting a watercolor while sitting at the bar, where I could watch the...