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Food is Fun Again

There’s something peculiarly primal and satisfying about friends sitting around a fire with delicious meat sizzling in the flames. For that reason and many more, Mr. Kim’s is a fun place to be.  Some restaurants might intimidate diners with food and customs from a different tradition. Not here.  “We’re playing 1990’s hip hop, there’s crazy art decor,” says chef Ben Alexander,...

Fusion Done Right

James Vu is a student of everything. The owner (and occasional chef) of La Brasa – a Peruvian-Asian fusion joint in OKC with a ton of history – blends food, booze, art, music and design in his restaurant to give diners the sense that they are existing momentarily in the pages of an art magazine.  Talking to him, he jumps...

Poke Bowl Love

Poke Bowl Love is an Asian fusion eatery with sushi reinvented several ways, all centered around poke – a Hawaiian dish of marinated raw fish with varying sauces, toppings and rice. Those looking for more traditional dishes can sub in shrimp, crab, tofu or vegetables. Other items include sushi burritos, poke nachos and a poke bake. A favorite –...