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A Different Luxury Condo

Storing your stuff can seem mundane. For some, the idea evokes images of packed-to-the-ceiling closets or crammed cabinets, drawers and garages. Or maybe you are so organized that you know the location of everything you own. And if garage-sized space is what you want for all your stuff, there’s a new option. Garage Condos of Tulsa, opening this summer, takes...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Deluxe Destinations If you can drop some serious coin for a hotel room, try one of these ritzy destinations. Perhaps the best word to describe Sharq Village and Spa is lush. The hotel, in the country’s capital city, sits directly on Doha Bay, part of the Persian Gulf. Unlike most Western hotel concepts, Sharq resembles a village, with abundant greenery, fountains, pools...