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A Briefing on Tribal Nations

Developing Infrastructure Iron Horse is not your run-of-the-mill industrial park, says James C. Collard, director of economic development for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.  When the Canada-based Pro Pipe opens its $5.5 million factory at the tribal-owned park later this year, it will be doing so in the only active foreign trade...

Where Tribe and Town Define Each Other

At many corners, vehicles are commanded to ᎠᎴᏫᏍᏙᏗ before they proceed into traffic. Along downtown avenues, signs stating Ꮭ ᎠᏗ ᏱᎩ mean drivers have to find other places to park. Street names and directions also appear in the Cherokee syllabary completed by Sequoyah in 1821. This is the...

How to Say I Love You in 16 Languages

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Oklahoma Magazine found multilingual Oklahomans to say ‘I love you’ in their native languages. These include Russian, Arabic, Greek, English, American Sign Language, Hindi, French, Mvskoke, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Dutch, Farsi, Cherokee, Japanese and Turkish. A special thanks to the groups who helped make the video happen: the Tulsa...

Oklahoma’s Tribal Impact

A photo album of these native Oklahomans is striking. One picture is of an accomplished TV and film actress strolling down the red carpet; there’s an action shot of a Division I college athlete. Other snaps include a successful fashion designer, a health-care professional receiving accolades from the U.S. surgeon general, and an internationally acclaimed poet. These are images of...

Cherokee National Treasure

David Comingdeer has spent most of his 47 years dedicated to improving the lives of fellow Cherokees. The father of four and grandfather of six has been chief of the Echota Ground in Cherokee County for 17 years. It’s more of a cultural title than a political one, a lifetime appointment based on merit, leadership and service to the tribe. The...

Oklahomans of the Year 2018

It’s a difficult balancing act – focusing on the needs and talents of others while guiding those collective energies toward a common goal. Our Oklahomans of the Year have shown how to level those scales in divergent arenas. All four – the late musician Roy Clark, social justice advocate Moises Echeverria, Cherokee Principal Chief Bill John Baker and brand-new U.S....