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The Calling of a Lifetime

It might seem like pulling off the impossible – to open (or re-imagine) three restaurants in nine months. But such industry and creativity define chef Jeff Patton.  In October 2021, a re-inspired Mary Eddy’s Dining Room opened in the 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City. Originally opened in 2016, it was forced to close during the worst of the COVID...

Putting It All into the Bin

When you’re far from home, tiny memories become precious. “My whole house looks like a jungle,” says Raqaun Bennett, executive chef at Bin 35 in Tulsa’s Brookside. “There’s a lemon tree in the living room, elephant ears, anything that reminds me of the tropics.” Bennett grew up in Kingshill, a rural neighborhood in St. Croix, not far from the University of...