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The Legacy of Scout Younger

“One hundred years ago,” says Harvey Shell, “most everyone in Tulsa would’ve known Scout Younger’s name. Now, no one does.”  Shell, along with fellow historian Stephen McCartney, are out to change that, hoping to bring a new round of recognition to a man they say was not only a pioneering Oklahoma filmmaker, but a consummate showman and trick rider who,...

Showcasing the State

The Oklahoma filmmaking community continues to grow year after year. Jeremy and Kara Choate, a husband and wife creative duo from Tahlequah, have joined those ranks.  Their first film, Tenkiller, debuted in November 2022. It follows an eighteen-year-old machinist who struggles with the death of his best friend, the divorce of his parents and the general violence of his life....

Panning Oklahoma’s Film Landscape

Oklahoma on Film If there’s one popular concept that people from other states have learned about Oklahoma, it’s that the wind comes sweeping down our plains. Even though the cinematic version of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein’s musical Oklahoma! was filmed in Arizona, the movies that are shot entirely or primarily here often reinforce a wide-open image of Oklahoma, where...