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Love in Bloom

All photos courtesy the florist unless otherwise marked

A Bouquet of Beauty

All photos courtesy florists unless otherwise marked

A Blooming Business

Flower farms have been blooming all over Oklahoma. And, much like the delightful products they grow, they come in a rainbow of varieties: Some allow for customers to visit and pick flowers themselves, while others sell pre-picked and selected bouquets to clients or for special events. And while this may sound like a simple, pleasant afternoon in the garden,...

Blooming Aspirations

A Day in the Life Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said: “The Earth laughs in flowers.” With a bit more normalcy returning to life, people are searching for ways to beautify their personal spaces. Whether you’re interested in brightening up a room with a splash of color or you’re planning a major event, flowers are always a smart choice. But the...

Nature’s Sugar

Lori Beth McDonald thinks honeybees are fascinating. She loves the taste of honey, is sold on its dietary benefits and enjoys creating food and skincare products from her 40 hives. It’s a win all around for the owner of Tulsa’s Okie Bee Farms, who started her business after she was laid off from an IT job.  Honey, McDonald says, is...

Get Hitched Without a Hitch

The happiest day of your life should be filled with laughter, champagne toasts, romance, close friends and family. What should not be there are stress, negativity, disorganization and chaos. We offer advice, tips and a handy-dandy pros-cons list to help you plan and enjoy your wedding day. Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching To make a couple’s day come to fruition, a wedding budget is...

Love in Bloom

Most moms would likely say you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet for a simple yet considerate Mother’s Day gift. Maybe you’re used to swinging by the florist or grocer for a dozen red roses the day of, but the sky’s the limit in terms of the blooms you can choose to put a smile on your mother’s...

A Pop of Color


Modern Appeal

Working Smarter, Not Harder Advances have brought home technology into the mainstream. Here are some tips and devices to help streamline your home automation process. Welcome to the home of the future. As the IoT, or Internet of Things, continues to proliferate this year, smart home technology has become better streamlined for, and more accessible to, the average consumer than ever before. With...