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Drop, Cover, Hold On

The floor is shaking, your wall hangings are moving in odd and inexplicable ways and your brain finally grasps what’s happening – earthquake! While a few short years ago we would expect this to happen to our California cousins, today it could well be an event occurring anywhere in Oklahoma. According to the experts, Oklahoma has been experiencing an upswing...

Desk Hacks

Whether you’re toiling away at a formal place of employment or turning a quiet corner of a room at home into office space, most people spend at least part of their time sitting down at a desk. Lest we forget how traumatic it can be on our bodies to sit in one spot for eight or more hours per...

A Different Kind of Literate

Most of us like to think we are financially literate, but there’s always room to learn. If you think setting up a budget should be your initial course of action, you could already be a step behind. Instead, the first questions to ask yourself are: why do I want a budget, and what do I want it to accomplish...