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Tienda Guatemala 

If you have never experienced authentic Guatemalan specialties, today is the day to make your way to Tenth and Virginia Avenue in OKC, to a tiny storefront that began years ago in the Plaza District. Tienda Guatemala offers both daily menu items made from scratch in small batches and beautifully crafted bread and sweets in the “Minimarket Guatemala” side...

Cafe Antigua

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma City, Café Antiqua features authentic Guatemalan food. Start with an appetizer like enchiladas das chapinas – only available on weekdays – with a dish of three mini tostadas layered with spring mix lettuce, beef picadillo, escabeche, chirmol and queso fresco. Anytime is a good time for the most popular dish on the menu,...

Coffee Slingers Roasters

Serving coffee from Guatemala and El Salvador, Coffee Slingers Roasters pays meticulous attention to the craft of turning “something unpalatable into a deliciously aromatic beverage,” as the company says on its website. Don’t look for extremely dark brews at Coffee Slingers because, as the baristas say, over-roasting kills nuanced flavors in the beans. Instead, find expertise and blended choices,...