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A Sharp Set of Skills

“I’m drawn to the frontier style because of the materials I get to use,” explains bladesmith and SDS Knifeworks owner Shawn Shropshire. “The patina. The overall look and feel of deer, ermine, beaver, bone, rawhide, antler and natural elements. It is utilitarian art. Every knife I make is made to be used. Don’t just hang things on the wall....

Renewing a Lost Craft

“Calligraphy is the most intimate, private and spontaneous expressive means. Like a fingerprint or voice,it is unique with every person.” – Hermann Zapf Calligraphy, a form of visual art, is a skill very few people have knowledge of these days. Luckily, a handful of experts around Oklahoma continue to educate enthusiastic students about this fascinating pastime.   Jill Simmons, owner of the...