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The Subtleties of Seizures

Seizures, sudden and uncontrolled surges of electrical activity in the brain, can affect anyone at any age. Symptoms of a seizure are often very distressing and can include temporary confusion, a loss of consciousness or awareness, and uncontrollable muscle spasms.  Jennifer Norman, a pediatric neurologist with INTEGRIS Pediatric Neurology in Oklahoma City, says the causes and risk factors for seizures...

Being Body Aware

We’ve heard for years about the importance of conducting routine self-exams. For many women, a breast self-exam is a monthly habit. However, there’s an ongoing discussion in the medical community as to whether or not self-examinations make a difference. Here’s a look at a few common self-exams, the current recommendations and how they can help. Breast Health “The purpose of self-exams...

Nature’s Sugar

Lori Beth McDonald thinks honeybees are fascinating. She loves the taste of honey, is sold on its dietary benefits and enjoys creating food and skincare products from her 40 hives. It’s a win all around for the owner of Tulsa’s Okie Bee Farms, who started her business after she was laid off from an IT job.  Honey, McDonald says, is...

Active Years

Exercise: the Antidote to Aging Balance and connection make life sweet, and as we begin to age, this truth becomes even more important. Older adults need a unique symmetry of movement, nutrition, community and care to make their golden years some of the best. One way to address several of these needs at once is to stay active. But what kinds...

The Best of the Best 2019

For 20 years, we at Oklahoma Magazine have compiled The Best of the Best in our July issue to help you, our readers, find the finest in everything the state has to offer. The best part? These are your choices, your votes and your voices telling us who you think are the best of the best at what they do. Perhaps...