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Education’s Changing Landscape

In the pandemic’s wake, the paradigm of traditional education in Oklahoma is in flux, as institutions plan how to best serve students under ever-evolving health guidelines. The general consensus in higher learning? A blend of in-person and online methods may be the way to go. “To help guide Oklahoma’s universities, colleges and high schools,...

Great Companies to Work For

What makes a company appealing to potential employees depends on who you ask. Some common answers, however, remain consistent across the board: flexible hours; substantial vacation days; quality insurance benefits; retirement packages; a strong pool of coworkers and management. Other draws are the intangible perks: a...

A Tour of Higher Education

Oklahoma students speak about a liberal-arts education Often bypassed by thousands of aspiring seniors in Oklahoma high schools are small liberal-arts colleges nearby. While the vast majority of in-state, college-bound students go to either the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, a regional university or a community college, small liberal-arts schools offer other higher-education options – primarily low student-faculty ratios, individualized...