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Alluring Anadarko

.ugb-76f4ec0 > .ugb-inner-block > .ugb-block-content > .ugb-columns__item{grid-template-columns:1.54fr 0.46fr !important} In a state whose very name is a Native American phrase meaning “Red Earth,” one Oklahoma city is notable for playing a major role in the history, government and culture of the state’s Plains Indian tribes. Anadarko, county seat of Caddo County situated about 80 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, is the...

In It For the Long Haul

From Nofire to Nowhere, Oklahoma-born Wes Studi has a career that is anything but inconsequential. Studi, who received a Governors Award in October for lifetime achievement in film, is the first Native American actor to win an Academy Award. For more than three decades, he has portrayed strong, complex characters and helped break stereotypes common in the days when anglos...