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Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Since 1987, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant has perfected the art of curating traditional Japanese cuisine and sushi, creating memorable experiences in textures and flavors. With a robust selection of sake, your meal may start with Takoyaki, which is ball-shaped octopus dumplings with bonito, seaweed flakes, mayo, shredded cabbage and takoyaki sauce. Traditional entrees include Yakiniku grilled steak with sautéed onions...

How to Say I Love You in 16 Languages

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Oklahoma Magazine found multilingual Oklahomans to say ‘I love you’ in their native languages. These include Russian, Arabic, Greek, English, American Sign Language, Hindi, French, Mvskoke, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Dutch, Farsi, Cherokee, Japanese and Turkish. A special thanks to the groups who helped make the video happen: the Tulsa Global Alliance, the Tulsa Speech and...

That’s How They Roll

At Fuji, the oldest Japanese sushi bar in Tulsa, you can sample some of the most mouthwatering rolls in town. Chef Nobu Terauchi grew up in Japan and worked in his family’s ramen shop; he brought those authentic Japanese tastes to Oklahoma. Standard sushi rolls are available, but you should definitely give Nobu’s 5 Fish Roll a try, along...