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Bridging the Divide

When Andy Kinslow, founder of KKT Architects, decided to venture down a new career path, doors opened for Sarah Gould. No stranger to leadership within the Tulsa-based, full-service architecture firm, Gould took on the role of president and CEO in July 2020. The firm, opened in 1989, has been steadily progressing for decades, and Gould is thrilled to be at...

An Oklahoma Vision for 2049

A giant airport for conventional and hypersonic jets. A station for bullet trains or hyperloop pods. Launch pads for satellite delivery and space tourists. Stands for sky taxis and autonomous ride services. A subterranean highway with separate lanes for human-driven and autonomous vehicles. A place called MidOK. These elements make up part of a transportation hub between Oklahoma City and Tulsa in 2049 that KKT...