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To a Bright Future

All photos courtesy students unless otherwise marked Emma Sloan Classen School of Advanced Studies at NortheastAttending: Oklahoma City University  Intended major: Pre-engineering because of my love for math and science. I have always looked up to engineers because of how brilliant they seem.  Biggest influences: My parents. They always push me to do my best and work as hard as I can. I...

The Rise of Esports

E sports have booted up in a big way in Oklahoma. As pandemic-related restrictions limited the state’s traditional high school and college sports outlets, esports — already an activity played remotely — used the opportunity to gain further traction around the state. Last fall, Oklahoma City University unveiled its new Esports Management degree program, the first in the state. Elsewhere, the...

Mission: Exoneration

Wrongful convictions are not easy to overturn, even when the defense has DNA evidence on its side. Five to seven years is a typical timetable for working toward exoneration, says Vicki Behenna, executive director of the Oklahoma Innocence Project, which tries to reverse wrongful convictions in the state. “We call it the innocence movement,” says Behenna, who spent 25 years as...