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Growing Glass Gem

Corn, you may think, isn’t particularly exciting. Nor is beautiful the first word to come to mind when the crop is discussed. But the wide array of vibrant colors displayed by the Glass Gem corn variety could change that perception. Glass Gem corn has a rich history; originally developed from ancient corn of Indigenous people of North America and selectively...

From Farm to Table

Everyone knows there are unseen forces involved in getting food from the farm to the table. In Oklahoma, one of those is a team of advocates and researchers working to provide the best wheat-based products possible. Established in 1965, the Oklahoma Wheat Commission was founded by wheat producers who knew they’d need a way to adapt to the changing industry....

Oklahomans of the Year

2020: Perhaps the strangest year in recent history.

Where There’s Wheat, There’s a Way

One of the leading wheat geneticists in the country has enjoyed a particular real-life irony so much that he has run with it for 35 years. Brett Carver, a regents professor and holder of the wheat genetics chair at Oklahoma State University, had never been west of the Mississippi River when he took a research and teaching job in Stillwater...