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Outdoor Dining Awaits

 Brian Schwartz (Tulsa) Amanda Jane Simcoe (OKC) There’s a beautiful but brief time in Oklahoma when the weather is, dare we say it, perfect for outdoor dining. The following is a collection of spots in Tulsa and OKC to soak up the sun. Lowood, Tulsa Comfy overstuffed sofas around a brick fireplace. Big armchairs surrounding an outdoor fire pit. Behind it, a tiny...

A Refreshing Change of Space

Oklahoma City’s beloved Ludivine raised stakes from its original north Hudson Avenue location in April and relocated to a swanky, remodeled mid-century structure in the heart of OKC’s midtown. Chef de cuisine Shannon Goforth moved with the restaurant and enjoys the new digs and increased traffic, along with welcoming additional clientele to the Ludivine family. “It was a little harder at...