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Adventure Awaits

Hayley Moser, manager at Sail Grand Waterfront in Afton, describes parasailing as “a unique combination of exhilaration and relaxation.” Allen Aboujeib, owner of Bluewater Divers in Norman, uses similar terms as he raves about scuba diving. Whether it’s a bucket-list item, a weekend adventure or a way to jazz up a vacation, Oklahoma offers a range of experiences that vendors...

Modern Appeal

Working Smarter, Not Harder Advances have brought home technology into the mainstream. Here are some tips and devices to help streamline your home automation process. Welcome to the home of the future. As the IoT, or Internet of Things, continues to proliferate this year, smart home technology has become better streamlined for, and more accessible to, the average consumer than ever before. With...

Learning the Ropes

It’s not just about going up. It’s exploring the inaccessible … going places no one has been before, experiencing views that haven’t been seen. The sport of rock climbing encourages exploration and pushes you to your limits. While there is no single reason that leads someone to start rock climbing, it does drive participants to face fears and solve problems. “Almost...