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Oklahoma’s Real Estate Landscape

A Look at the Market The wild and woolly ride that rocked last year’s real estate market isn’t likely to slow down much this year. In 2021, a nice house would hit the market at 8 a.m., and two hours later most showing slots were gone. By week’s end, sellers of the most popular houses would take their pick from 20+...

Top RealEstate AgentsListing

The real estate market continues to boom, and agents are finding great success for both themselves and their clients. Oklahoma Magazine’s Top Real Estate Agents listing gives firms of all sizes the chance to recognize their hardworking agents, showcasing their total volumes for 2021.

Top Real Estate Agents Listing

Despite a hard year, real estate production soared in 2020. Oklahoma is brimming with talented agents, and many are included below in Oklahoma Magazine’s Top Real Estate Agents listing. We compiled this list by reaching out to agencies in Oklahoma’s two major metros. They provided us with their top producing agents and highest performing teams, along with contact information and total financial volumes for 2020.