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A Phoenix Rising

For 67 years, the Tulsa Club was a downtown icon of wealth and sophistication. Beginning in 1927 as an elite gentleman’s club and designed by noted art deco architect Bruce Goff, the elegant building enjoyed an upscale reputation and clientele during Tulsa’s booming oil days. When the Tulsa Club opened with great ceremony, it became a playground for wealthy bankers,...

An Ear-Opening Medium

It might be nostalgia … or the next generation discovering the thrill of setting a stylus on a vinyl disc. Either way, the analog musical medium of long-play records has made a comeback in the state. While some may see the revival as a fad, many have always jammed out with vinyl. “I remember the dark days of the mid-’90s, when...

A Dream Becomes Reality

Ned Shadid Sr. and Ned “Neddie” Shadid Jr. weren’t exactly Bing Crosby and Bob Hope starring in a Road To… movie while they catered for and toured with country music stars, and dreamed of a neighborhood spot … but they were dang close. Ned Shadid Sr. has rocked the Oklahoma food scene for decades. From The Brass Apple in El...