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Smoke Woodfire Grill continues to draw those who want to linger over locally sourced, American cuisine on Tulsa’s Cherry Street and Owasso’s Main Street. Every serving of beef, pork, lamb, fish and poultry is prepared over an open flame or slow smoked, such as the scallops served with grilled corn, summer squash succotash, corn broth and green tomato jam....

Firing Your Way to Grilling Greatness

It’s taken awhile for Oklahoma to warm up this year. Temperatures in the low 30s lingered into April. Despite the late spring, we’re back on target this month and the high heat is coming as summer awaits and people uncover and dust off their grills and smokers. In our annual section on outdoor cooking, we get away from the norm of hamburgers...

A Graceful Balancing Act

His tale is mesmerizing … idyllic. “I grew up in Manitou Springs, Colorado, right by Pikes Peak, but my best memories are summers at my grandparents’ Rhode Island farm. Me and my brother would spend the days tending the vegetable garden, picking the berries that grew all over. We’d eat half what we picked, and my grandma made the rest...