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Dynamic and Historic

While travel may be in flux due to the pandemic, this time can be used to ponder and plan your next international trip. If you’re contemplating a sojourn to Peru, visit Cusco. Meaning “navel of the world,” Cusco was the sacred city of the Incas. With excitement as high as the elevation –11,200 feet – the sepia-toned splendor of the...

How to Say I Love You in 16 Languages

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Oklahoma Magazine found multilingual Oklahomans to say ‘I love you’ in their native languages. These include Russian, Arabic, Greek, English, American Sign Language, Hindi, French, Mvskoke, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Dutch, Farsi, Cherokee, Japanese and Turkish. A special thanks to the groups who helped make the video happen: the Tulsa Global Alliance, the Tulsa Speech and...