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Home on the Range

If you’re a big fan of Oklahoma’s myriad nature offerings, being a park ranger might be the perfect job for you. Constantly outdoors and basking in the Okie wilderness, the role is a truly wonderful one that has wide-reaching effects.  But what kind of expertise would you need for the job?  “Communication skills are key,” says Capt. Ranger Steven Fisher, based...

Hiking Highlights

Oklahoma is no stranger to natural beauty. From the Salt Plains to the Ouachita Mountains and the Tallgrass Prairie, these stunning destinations eagerly await a visit.  Hiking any trail for the first time can be daunting, but the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department can help you prepare. “We have so much diversity in Oklahoma, whether it’s choosing a trail in Chickasaw...

Beat the Heat

As the temperature rises this month and Oklahoma becomes its usual sticky mess, getting outside to relax or go on vacation may not seem like an optimal choice. But an effective one-two combination – shade and water – provide the perfect counterpunch to the Sooner State’s hot summers. The following areas – most well known; some not so obvious – give...