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An Entertainer’s Paradise

A 1980s home in Tulsa’s Maple Ridge neighborhood has shed its original character to become a modern residence with abundant amenities. Upon first impressions, the 5,000-square-foot, two-story home still seems traditional, but its interior has an updated, sophisticated look. Simplicity was the key to this stunning renovation. David Trebilcock, the face behind this project, has been a fixture in Tulsa’s construction business...

The New You

Life’s a Beach

Photography by Josh New Models Jessi and Rob courtesy Selah Model and Company Bathing suits courtesy Dillard’s and Travers Mahan Accessories, shoes and handbags courtesy Dillard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Travers Mahan Pool accessories courtesy Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Service & Repair

Get Spotted

Photos by Natalie Green except Erdem image

The Perennial Blossom

Photos by Natalie Green except runway and Versace images

A Pop of Color


Spring It On

Photography by Nathan Harmon Models courtesy Brink Model Management Hair by Shawna Burroughs, Jara Herron Medical Spa and Salon Makeup by Kelsie Lloyd, Soul Beauty Clothing, shoes and handbags courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue and Travers Mahan Fine jewelry courtesy Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels 1 On Ina (standing): Aidan Maddox charmeuse and crepe jumpsuit, $245; Manolo Blahnik suede point toe pumps, $625, Saint Laurent patent leather...

Love at First Wear

Photos by Natalie Green

People with Style 2018

Branjae Entertainer, musical creator, artist Tulsa How/when did you get interested in fashion? Since I was old enough to dress my Barbies and baby dolls – around 4 years old. How would you describe your style? Expressive, creative, thrifty.  How does your style reflect your personality? My style mimics my personality. I dress up my body according to how I feel day to day. How...