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Creating a Life of Sustainability

Wildlife Protection The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma engages in many endeavors, creating opportunities for citizens and lawmakers to become more aware of conservation issues and encouraging youth to connect with nature. This main (or mother) group is on the political side of the organization’s efforts. Handling communications for its sister group, the Conservation of Oklahoma Foundation, is Kelly Bostian, who says:...

Easy Ways to Sustain

Pollution and humanity’s impact on the planet are continuously in the news, and, for some, the big picture may seem overwhelming. However, rather than saving the whole world individually, anyone can take baby steps toward sustainability to ease burdens on local facilities and save consumers a bit of money. “The goal when people talk about moving into a more sustainable...

Sara Ivey

A transplant from New Mexico, Sara Ivey fosters a passion for environmental education that has led her to several jobs in our state. After stints at Oklahoma Kids in Environmental Education and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Ivey became the education programs and services coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality in 2012. We caught up with Ivey...