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Winter Driving Woes

Winter is here and with it comes the usual headaches for anyone forced to venture into the cold. Oklahoma, which doesn’t usually see a lot of snow, gets its fair share of ice and sleet, which can make travel treacherous. The state’s largest population centers – Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Lawton – get about one 4-inch snowfall every few years,...

Edelweiss and Gemütlichkeit

South of Munich, Germany, and north of Innsbruck, Austria, lies an enchanting ski resort town, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, formed when the two Bavarian communities united to host the 1936 Winter Olympics. Now, the town is Germany’s top winter sports playground and a popular year-round destination. Cobblestone streets, half-timbered homes with intricate cutouts, large wooden balconies and gabled pitched roofs are imbued with...

Time to Winterize

It’s the season where we don our gloves, hats and heavy coats. It’s also the time to prepare your home and lawn for freezing weather. Before winter arrives, follow these tips to keep the cold out and safeguard your property. Lawn and garden Among the many chores to prepare outside for winter are some basics, like cleaning out gutters, trimming trees...

9 Steps for A Safe Snowstorm

The forecast is calling for some potentially heavy snow and ice this weekend, but that doesn't mean we have to panic. With the right amount of preparation beforehand, you can relax inside worry-free when the weather outside is frightful. Gather Supplies It's important to avoid venturing outdoors during a winter storm, so be sure to stock up on necessities beforehand. It...