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Speakers, Parades and Yoga

Despite the cold, there’s plenty to do in Oklahoma this month. In Tulsa, visit the PAC for a presentation and talk from Jean Chatzky – renowned journalist, editor and finance expert – on Jan. 13, courtesy Tulsa Town Hall. If you resolution is to get fit, try the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long event on Jan. 21 at...

The Journey to Better Balance

With warmer weather on the way, many are looking forward to outdoor activities in the sunshine. But after months of pandemic isolation, our bodies might not be quite up to the challenge. Luckily, a variety of trainers are at the ready to help willing participants strengthen their cores and stay steady. “Yoga is wonderful to help create better balance, both...

Find Your Floating Zen

It defies gravity and may seem like training for Cirque du Soleil, but aerial yoga combines the tenants of Pilates and acrobatics to help participants achieve poses they never thought possible. Aerial yoga began in New York City in 2007. Aerial yoga, similar to traditional yoga, has a few bonuses: deeper stretching; strengthening oft-unused muscles; and relaxing into the compression...