Take a Bite Out of Oklahoma


Scratch Biscuit with Chorizo Gravy

Kitchen No. 324

A breakfast-and-lunch eatery that just recently began serving dinner, Kitchen No. 324 has perfected its breakfast and brunch offerings. Contributing editor Tara Malone says she always orders the biscuit with chorizo gravy at this downtown café, along with roasted potatoes and the stellar house-brewed coffee. “It’s absolutely heaven every time I eat it,” she says. “Even though it’s a rather elegant restaurant, the meal is diner-cheap, and it always hits the spot.” 324 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City. www.kitchen324.com

Kung Pao Pork Banh Mi

Lone Wolf Banh Mi

A food truck in Tulsa serving Vietnamese street fare? Sounded like a long shot, until Lone Wolf threw open its windows on a food truck and began dishing out amazing banh mi, kimchi fries and beignets. Today, it’s one of the most popular food trucks in Tulsa, and it’s the banh mi that keeps the lines long. The Kung Pao Pork version provides the perfect bite: The pork is sweet and spicy, while the pickled carrots and radishes provide a tang. Cucumber spears provide freshness, and the fresh-baked baguette delivers a nice chew. www.twitter.com/lonewolfbanhmi

Pulled Pork Waffle Sandwich from Waffle Champion.

Pulled Pork Waffle Sandwich

Waffle Champion

Waffle Champion started out as a food truck and is one of the earliest to establish a brick-and-mortar restaurant based on its initial success. Being able to find the waffle-centric eatery is good news for fans who don’t have to go searching for the innovative concoctions. Chicken and waffles here are great, but branch out a bit and try the pulled pork, served on a waffle and topped with ancho barbecue sauce and maytag bleu cheese slaw. It’s a bite that satisfies all five tastes at once. 1212 N. Walker, Oklahoma City. www.wafflechampion.com

Off the Truck

Food trucks continue to roll into Oklahoma.

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

Hand-dipped ice cream in original flavors. Cute truck, too.

Smokin’ Okies

All the classic barbecue meats and sides served from a mobile Stackhouse.

Jezebel Truck

Eclectic and unusual fare – everything from crisp salads to schnitzel – served with Bohemian flair.

Mangiamo Truck.

Mangiamo Truck

Meatballs, pasta, subs and salads, all served with Italian love.