Taste of the Irish

Photo courtesy O’Connell’s

Merriment takes on an Irish green hue at O’Connell’s Irish Pub and Grille, and never is the atmosphere as festive as on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Owner Jeff Stewart presides over a 39-year tradition in his establishment, with patrons collecting each year’s custom-printed liter mug to celebrate the day – and the green suds. 

“We have the souvenir mugs, and this year’s T-shirts, for as long as they last,” says Stewart. On Saint Patrick’s Day, O’Connell’s opens at 7 a.m. for green eggs and ham, and the first of eight bands kicks off at noon, with more music until midnight. The usual menu is condensed for the day to burgers, sandwiches, appetizers and chicken wings “until they run out.” 

Customers have shared that the fish and chips are “better than they’ve had in Europe” says Stewart of his signature entrée of crunchy, crisp, fresh and flaky Atlantic cod, hand-breaded in unique beer batter with homemade tartar sauce and choice of chips. Also featured on this festive day is a dish called Irish medallions – hand-cut potato rounds cooked golden brown, brimming in melted cheese and topped with bacon chips and green onions. 

“Come and see us,” says Stewart. “There’s merriment and fun all day along – and everyone is green for the day.” 

769 Asp Ave., Norman; facebook.com/oconnellsnorman

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