Photo courtesy Tulsa Ballet.
Photo courtesy Tulsa Ballet.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap] BII: On Your Radar is the next show in Tulsa Ballet’s exciting season. This performance, however, will be somewhat different than others – it will feature the newest dancers in the company that should be “on your radar.”

“This show is performed by our second company, Tulsa Ballet II, in our very own intimate Studio K Theater,” says Ryan Allen, the manager of communications and public relations at Tulsa Ballet.

Tulsa Ballet’s second company consists of the most promising young dancers around the globe, who will go on to join the main company at Tulsa Ballet or perform with other revered companies in the United States and beyond. Combine that with excellent choreography, and the show promises talent, excitement, and artistry.
“The show is a triple bill lasting about an hour and half, featuring works from three different choreographers: Natrea Blake, Norbert del a Cruz and our very own Resident Choreographer Ma Cong,” Allen says.

The works are in the style of contemporary ballet. There will be two performances on Aug. 19 and 21. For more information, visit

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