Ross Group

Ross Group’s roots go back to 1979 in Catoosa, Oklahoma, when Jesse Ross founded J. Ross Acoustics and Drywall. Beginning as a small contracting company, Jesse specialized in carpentry and interior finishes and quickly earned a reputation for quality facilities construction, professional excellence, and good old-fashioned hard work. Then in 1996, Warren Ross joined his father Jesse and The Ross Group Construction Corporation was incorporated in the great state of Oklahoma. Building on one another’s strengths, Jesse and Warren used their knowledge and reputation to make a seamless transition into general contracting.

 Over the past two decades, Ross Group has evolved into a development, engineering, and construction firm serving private, commercial, and government clients under the leadership of CEO Warren Ross. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide industry-leading solutions in a variety of markets, such as medical, aviation, hospitality, education, government, manufacturing, industrial, and oil and gas. By offering an integrated suite of services to fit any need in any market, we commit to making sure each project ends just as our clients envisioned it.

 While our company has grown to include more than 125 employees spread across four offices, we are still a roll-up-our-sleeves and get-to-work kind of place. Just like our founder Jesse, our leadership and staff realize that companies don’t build projects. People do. We are team players who will help anyone who asks, regardless of our titles, because we know we all succeed or fail together. With that in mind, Ross Group’s dedicated employees continue to build our firm’s reputation through our actions, while delivering tangible benefits to our clients as a one-stop-shop for project delivery.

 Visit us at to learn more about how Ross Group can help your make your vision a reality.

510 E. 2nd St., Tulsa – 918.234.3811 | 20 W. California Ave., Oklahoma City – 405.235.0726 |

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