American Waste Control

Since 1970, American Waste Control (AWC) has been a leader in the sustainability and waste sectors. Led by founder and owner Kenneth Burkett, the company manages more than 185 trucks and 250 employees. Adhering to Burkett’s full-circle approach to sustainability, the company also operates its own recycling center and waste-to-energy landfill.

“Sustainability is about stewarding resources responsibly for the benefit of our local economy, community and environment for the next generation,” says Burkett.

This philosophy is put into practice at AWC, which takes recycled material to local manufacturers to create new products right here in Oklahoma.

However, the recent fire at the Feed Mr. Murph recycling facility has thrown a wrench into the process.  Unfortunately, recycling facility fires are common – mainly due to inexperienced recyclers placing lithium-ion batteries in the recycle cart. If things go wrong, these fires can slow down or even stop recycling efforts for years – but not in Tulsa. Burkett sees this as an opportunity to bring the latest recycling innovations to the city, and he plans to do it in record time. He believes recycling in Tulsa will be stronger and better than ever.

Burkett and his team at AWC are not giving up, working to create a greener Tulsa.

“It’s about leaving an impact on people’s lives and our community in a positive and meaningful way,” he says.

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