Photo courtesy OKC Museum of Art.
Photo courtesy OKC Museum of Art.

Thurs, March 3


Starring David Bowie (1947-2016) in his first feature-film role, The Man Who Fell to Earth tells the story of space traveler Thomas Jerome Newton. A family “man” on his distant, dying planet, Newton comes to earth in search of water. There, he contacts attorney Oliver Farnsworth (Buck Henry) with a series of original inventions that will make him extraordinarily wealthy. He also develops a relationship with New Mexican hotel clerk Mary-Lou (Candy Clark), to whom he eventually confides his identity. British director Nicolas Roeg (Walkabout, Don’t Look Now) makes aggressive use of parallel structure and telephoto zooms in this sci-fi cult capsule of the sexually free seventies, though it is Bowie’s otherworldly, almost alien presence that provides the film with its most memorable dimension.

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