Vet Petiquette

Before loading up your pet for a trip to the vet, brush up on these dos and don’ts every pet owner should know. Whether it’s for a checkup or illness, Melissa Montgomery, an animal nurse and trainer with Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital in Tulsa, shares her tips for the best experience at the vet.

Safety being the highest concern, Montgomery recommends that every animal be on a leash or crated.

cat-shutterstock_157062857“You just don’t know how your pet will react with the other animals, people or the activities in the office,” explains Montgomery. “It creates a much better atmosphere and makes the experience much more pleasurable for the animals and owners.”

Even though it might seem easier to carry your cat or other small pet, crates can help small animals feel safe and secure.

“If we had a hamster and cat not crated, it could turn into a real circus,” explains Montgomery.

Always respect an animal’s space, she cautions.

“Usually, it’s better to let an animal approach you,” says Montgomery. “Be sure to always ask the owner first” if it’s okay to pet the animal.

Going to the vet is a good thing, so remember to make it a positive experience.

“Animals feed off your emotion, so keep it light,” encourages Montgomery. “If you are anxious, try to calm yourself down. Bring treats and toys with you. Make frequent trips to your vet office even if it’s just to say hi.”

– Lindsay Cuomo

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