A globally inspired dining destination nestled in the heart of Oklahoma City, Riserva takes guests on a culinary journey that captures the warmth of Spanish tabernas, infused with the essence of Mediterranean charm. 

The restaurant is the latest creation by Edmond-based Provisions Concepts, which has spearheaded other projects in the metro including Broadway 10, Sidecar Barley and Wine Bar, Hatch Early Mood Food and Bandee’s Barbecue. 

Brianna Wolfe, brand director at Provisions, has some Riserva menu favorites. 

“Indulge in the velvety richness of patatas bravas, adorned with a vibrant paprika aioli, and relish the zesty tang of our citrus-infused grilled shrimp and polenta,” she says. 

She guarantees that as you enjoy your meal, you’ll realize that “each dish at Riserva Bar and Tapas is not only a feast for the taste buds – but also a visual masterpiece, enticing you with its delightful palette.” 

The restaurant also boasts an extensive beverage menu.

“Enhance your experience with a curated selection of 80+ wines from across the Mediterranean and handcrafted cocktails that perfectly complement the diverse flavors of our plates,” she says.

Highlights include signature cocktails like the Brothel, with vodka, cracked pepper vermouth, olive juice, umami bitters and olives; and the Dama Blanca, with hibiscus tequila blanco, lavender syrup, hibiscus foam and rose dust. 

With the comfort of diners in mind, plenty of thought was put into the architecture and interior design of the restaurant. 

“Riserva is truly a place to escape that feels unlike anything else in Chisholm Creek,” says Wolfe. “If classic and cozy were both to be captured in colors, this would be it. We lead with a chocolate brown and walnut pairing, followed by pops of natural colors throughout. Our indoor-outdoor bar wraps around to seamlessly open up the restaurant, inviting you to indulge in the enchantment of alfresco dining.” 

Alongside the well thought-out interior design, Wolfe says the food and cocktail garnishes create an even more colorful ambiance. 

“Charm and vibrancy come into play with the supporting colors of fresh vegetables, succulent fruits and bright herbs of our plates and beverages,” she says. 

Riserva’s curated, enticing menu is the creation of chef James Fox.

“Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Fox threw the already culinary rich market for a loop when he opened his chef-driven restaurant, Vecina,” says Wolfe. “Fox’s concept was later nominated to become a James Beard finalist for Best New Restaurant. Provision Concepts has since been lucky to partner with chef Fox.” He also helms Provision’s steak/sushi joint, Culprits. 

A few of Fox’s tapa options include short rib hummus, ground lamb flatbread, turmeric chicken kebabs and skirt steak shawarma. Desserts include cardamom date cake – replete with toasted walnut, tart cherry whip and butterscotch caramel – and a chocolate tart. 

Chef Fox’s passion for memorable cuisine lends itself to an atmosphere of learning. 

“Riserva’s menu and dining experience are meant to be fun and educational,” he says. “Items are presented in a shareable style – so you can try multiple things with friends and family. Get two or three dishes per person and share everything.”

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