Sometimes, simple is better, especially when it comes to food. Bright flavors can shine through simply prepared cuisine in ways that excel. Fresh seafood, vegetables and rice are spruced up with flavors such as garlic, ginger and lemongrass. Seasonal fish choices are grilled and served with a choice of sauce, side and rice. The Tropical Duck, a specialty entrée at The Tropical, is served with house-made tamarind sauce, white rice, steamed broccoli and pickled ginger. Pasta entrées with an Asian fusion twist are also available, such as the Chiang Mai Chicken Noodle Soup, egg noodles, chicken drumsticks, tomatoes and red onions in a creamy curry broth. For those looking for a lighter bite, try The Tropical Lettuce Wraps, crispy rice with fresh herbs, glass noodles, peanuts and a twist of lime served in leaves of iceberg lettuce. 8125 E. 49th St., Tulsa.

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