Photo courtesy Tulsa Town Hall

Tulsa Town Hall welcomes a meticulously selected handful of captivating speakers each year – from actors and writers to scientists to doctors. TTH opens its 2017-2018 lineup with U.S. Navy Capt. Mark Kelly, a decorated astronaut with a lengthy list of stellar accomplishments. He has commanded two space shuttles – Endeavor and Discovery – and conducted NASA-funded research on the effects of space on the body. He also works as a space and aviation contributor for several news networks.

Bernie Dornblaser, a program committee member for TTH, has a pun at the ready when asked what makes Capt. Kelly so special.

“The committee thought Capt. Kelly would be the natural to ‘launch’ the 83rd season,” she says. But on a more serious note: “He will be a fantastic speaker because we haven’t had an astronaut in quite some time. With the advancement of our space programs throughout the years, we thought that Capt. Kelly would exemplify the TTH mission statement of ‘opening minds and stirring curiosities.’”

Capt. Kelly speaks Sept. 15. For season subscriptions, visit

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