It’s been called the Space Needle of Oklahoma City: Founder’s Tower, a 20-story, space-age skyscraper complete with a rotating top, nestled in the urban heart of the state capitol.

In the past, the pinnacle of the building was occupied by the now-defunct Eagle’s Nest. It was there that budding restaurant professional Kevin George first fell in love with this historic Oklahoma City landmark.

“I have always loved the space on the 20th floor of Founder’s Tower,” George says, “and the feeling it gives you as you experience the 360-degree view of Oklahoma City. The panoramic view is something you just can’t get anywhere else, and I never tire of seeing it.”

Once one of the only rotating restaurants in the world, the top of the tower no longer pans mechanically, but it is still home to the most cutting-edge dining experience in Oklahoma City: The George Prime Steakhouse. Since The George’s opening this past summer, buzz about the restaurant already has proven well-justified. Add to the atmosphere a menu sophisticated enough to make your head spin (even if the restaurant no longer does), and you have one of the most impressive dining destinations in Oklahoma City restaurant history.[pullquote]“I think a bite of anything on our menu will tell the story,”[/pullquote]

George, a partner with the Interurban Restaurant Group, says he has always been a fan of the steakhouse restaurant and wanted to bring the modern iteration to Oklahoma diners. The eatery’s calling card is 100 percent USDA prime beef quality or higher, including a wide variety of Wagyu cattle cuts. George points out that while The George is a steakhouse, the restaurant prides itself on a variety of high-quality offerings, including chicken, lamb, pork and seafood. The menu was developed by The George executive chef Joshua Valentine, a Del City native and former contender on Bravo television’s Top Chef. Diners will have a difficult time choosing between carnivore delights and the menu’s other temptations, including Carolina gold rice with lobster, pecans and cauliflower; fois gras with pistachios and pickled plums; and the bacon and onion tart. Deserving equally honorable mention are the creations of pastry chef Shelby Sieg.

ol’ blue eyes, a cocktail at The George. Photos by Brent Fuchs.
Ol’ blue eyes, a cocktail at The George Prime Steakhouse. Photo by Brent Fuchs.

“I think a bite of anything on our menu will tell the story,” George says.

The George Prime Steakhouse is yet another harbinger that Oklahoma City has arrived on the frontiers of modern cuisine. George says that over the years, Oklahomans have learned more about fine dining, which has broadened the horizons for the local food scene.

“I think people have become much more educated when it comes to food and the preparation of food,” George says. “This requires restaurants to keep up and to stay in tune with new trends and cooking methods in the culinary world. This will do nothing but help Oklahoma City. I see the future as very bright for the food scene here, and [it’s] getting brighter.”

The George Prime Steakhouse is open six nights a week at 5 p.m. for dinner, with lunch hours forthcoming. Reservations are recommended. Founders Tower, 5900 Mosteller Drive, Oklahoma City. 405.242.4761

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