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What We're Eating

Kabob Platter

When most Americans think of kebabs, we envision skewers of grilled chicken or beef interspersed with mushrooms, onions and other vegetables. Though the American version of the kebab does take liberties from its Middle Eastern cousin, the preparation of the meats is what makes authentic kebabs stand out. At Kabob-n-Curry, ground meats are mixed with spices, then formed into patties and grilled on skewers. Flavorful chicken is marinated and cooked in an authentic Tandoori oven. All kebabs are served with oodles of side items, rice and bread. At $11.75, it’s one of the best deals in town. 4104 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City. www.kabob-n-curry.com


Caz’s Chowhouse
In the wintertime, there’s little more comforting than a big bowl of steaming chili. Chock full of meat, beans and tomato-y goodness, there’s not many that beat the bowl at Caz’s Chowhouse. Served with or without cheddar cheese and onion, depending on the diner’s desires, it’s a hearty meal any time of the year. And nestled next to the fireplace in Caz’s cozy dining area, it’s a little slice of chili heaven. 18 E. Brady St., Tulsa. www.cazschowhouse.com



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