Tamara Logsdon Hawkinson

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  • Tamara Logsdon Hawkinson


Historical Hunter

An art purchase nearly four decades ago spurred a love affair between a homeowner and Mid-century Modern.


A Tulsa couple offers tricks of the trade for taking on projects.

Safety First

Shelter from extreme storms provides peace of mind.

From Spec To Custom

Michael Brothers adds unique touches to transform his generic home into a work of art.

21st Century Outdoor Living

Retreat to your own backyard as a year-round resort.

Creative Vision

An enterprising couple brings the loft lifestyle to their small-town residence with their own hands.

A Resurgence Of Style

From wood veneer and glass beads to custom, state-of the-art designs, one thing is for sure – this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper.

Chic on the Prairie

Blending family with casual elegance drives the design of this home.

Safe And Secure

Want an automated home security system? There’s an app for that.